Discrete, real-time feedback to improve hand hygiene technique

Systematically drive hand washing technique change across your organization for the individual and the group.

Know more than the dispenser. Go beyond just frequency in your observation.

The duration and vigor of each hand hygiene event are critical to protecting patients, customers and staff.

The 2009 WHO Guidelines specify hand motion method and duration as critical components of proper hand hygiene technique. But too often, hand hygiene compliance initiatives focus only on the frequency of hand washing, neglecting the importance of vigor and duration.

Improving hand hygiene behavior to align with WHO guidelines can reduce risk to patients, staff and customers, and save infection-related costs.

Actionable intelligence to support your improved hand hygiene goals.

The FirstHand Band provides vibration feedback on how long and how thoroughly a user has cleaned their hands, at every hand hygiene event, and with no workflow interruption. Our comprehensive reporting data provides detailed metrics at both the individual and group level for everyone to understand and learn from the hand hygiene patterns and trends. Each event is uniquely recorded and can be used to directly assess and educate in support of behavior improvement.

A simple, scalable solution for measurement, education and training.

Easy-to-implement and portable across multiple departments, the FirstHand system delivers the missing hand hygiene measurements you need to change behavior and improve hand hygiene performance in your organization.

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